Q1- What is the merit at ICMS College System?

Ans: We believe in educaon for all and try our best to enroll as much students as possible, however, to maintain our standard and the trust of our students and parents, a minimum 50% marks in aggregate are required in the SSC exam.

Q2- Why is the fee structure of ICMS is so high?

Ans: Our fee structure is very moderate, its not too high. Services and quality can be ensured only through enhanced monitory and funds. ICMS provide many facilies as compared with other instuons although the charges are less than those instuons. 

Q3- Is discipline ensured at the campuses?

Ans: ICMS college system believes in strong disciplinary codes and educates its students to uphold discipline. Only discipline has made us groom and open other campuses i.e, Jamrud & Warsak Road.

Q4- Is cheating discouraged at ICMS College System?

Ans: Yes, ICMS College System believes in high social, moral and ethical values and straight away struck off those students who are involved in any unfair means (UFM) and cheang.

Q5- How is the result of ICMS College System Board Exams?

Ans: By the Grace of ALLAH, from day 1st we have produced good results in the Board Exams and our students are regularly geng enrolled in professional colleges and in defense forces.

Q6- How is the staff at ICMS College System?

Ans: The enre staff members are skilled, helpful and polite with the students, parents and everyone at the campus. 

Q7- Are the staff members helping the students?

Ans: All the staff members are well skilled and helpful to the students at the campus and in the hostel. 

Q8- Is the teaching staff well qualified?

Ans: The teaching staff is well qualified and are specialists in their subjects. 

Q 9- What is the professional qualification of teaching staff?

Ans: ICMS College system believes in professionalism and hire lecturers only when their professional experse is ensured. All our teaching staff is holding at least Masters degree with minimum 3 to 5 years experience.

Q 10- Is the teaching staff helpful?

Ans: No doubt, the teaching faculty at ICMS College System has a strong professional approach and is very helpful to the students in academics as well as in Co-Curricular fields.

Q 11- How many periods (classes) are held daily?

Ans: 6 subjects and 6 classes daily.

Q 12- What is the duration of each period?

Ans: All the periods are of 45 minutes duraon.

Q 13- Does ICMS College System have any academic calendar?

Ans: ICMS College System provides a well organized and well managed academic calendar. Q

14- Where from, one can get academic calendar?

Ans: The academic calendar is given along with the prospectus at the me of admission.

Q 15- Is the course/syllabus is completed in time?

Ans: It is the hallmark of the ICMS College System that it covers all the course/syllabus well in me i.e upto March 31 every year.

Q 16- What about course revision at ICMS?

Ans: ICMS college system has the disncon that it revises not only the course but also solves the previous board papers and takes rigorous mock exams in the form of Rounds and Monthly test.

Q 17- What are your achievements BISEP?

Ans: All the achievement of our students are given in this prospectus in detail along with the pictures.

Q 18- What is the percentage of ICMSIANs in Professional Colleges?

Ans: ICMS College System is proud to have its students reach to GIK, NUST, KMC and UET every year. Almost 30 to 40 students are enrolled in Professional Colleges every year. 

Q 19- Does ICMS concentrate on Scholarship students also?

Ans: ICMS College System provides equal opportunies to all its students.

Q 20- Are the practical also completed and performed?

Ans: ICMS College System has well maintained and well equipped laboratories and spends huge amount on lab equipments every year and all the praccal are performed with in the me frame menoned in the me table.

Q 21- Are study tours arranged for the students?

Ans: Journey is half knowledge. ICMS College System arranges different study tours every year.

Q 22- Are the tours notified beforehand?

Ans: Of course a proper circular of acknowledgment slip is sent home to be filled by the parents .

Q 23- Does ICMS have separate labs for the sciences?

Ans: ICMS College System has state of the art laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and IT laboratory.

Q 24- Is there any computer lab also?

Ans: The ICMS College System has a modern and up to date computer/ IT laboratories in all campuses.

Q 25- What is the ratio of students/teachers in ICMS?

Ans: In ICMS College System the students to teacher rao is 30:1

Q 26: Have the students an open access to use computers?

Ans: ICMS College System is a home away from home for the students and any facility at the campus belongs to the students. Students can use computers and other facilies at the campus.

Q 27- Do you conduct internal exams?

Ans: Examinaons are the best gadget for evaluaon of the students and conducts weekly, monthly and term wise tests. ICMS believes in connuous evaluaon of the students and conducts weekly, monthly and term wise tests. 

Q 28- What if a student fails in the test?

Ans: The ICMS College System has clearly menoned in its charter that a when he clears all the tests with at least 60% marks.

Q 29- What is your leave of absence policy?

Ans: Prior sancon from the Principal is required for leave or in case of emergency if the leave is not sanconed, applicaon must be submied to the Principal, when the student joins the College with supporng documents. 

Q 30- What about absence without leave?

Ans: Student will be marked absent and fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged. If the student remains absent for 3 consecuve days or 5 days in a month with out any prior informaon, he/she will be struck off from the College Roll.

Q 31-Can a student get re-admission? 

Ans: Yes, if allowed to do so by the admission commiee with the consent of the Principal.

Q 32- Is there any re-admission charges? 

Ans: Yes, for re-admission a student has to deposit Rs: 10,000/- as re-admission charges.

Q 33- Is there any curb on bunking students? 

Ans: A bunking student is always considered absent from the college and absent student is fined Rs 100-1000/- per day.

Q 34- What other penalties are imposed on the students? 

Ans: As menoned in the prospectus, penales are imposed on absence, misbehavior, damage to college property, quarrels with fellow students etc. 

Q 35- What help does ICMS College System give to its students in the Board Exams?

Ans: ICMS College System believes on the dignity of labor and hard work and always helps the students finish course in me. The ICMS College System never encourages UFM. 

Q 36- Is the library facility provided to the students? 

Ans: The ICMS System has a well maintained library with thousands of books related to different fields.

Q 37- Any e-library?

Ans: The IT laboratory has an advanced e-library where students are provided with on-line reading facilies

Q 38- Which newspapers are available?

Ans: All the English and Urdu dailies are available to the students.

Q 39- Are there any sports or games facilities available for students?

Ans: Yes, the ICMS College System has a broad range of indoor and outdoor games facility for its students.

Q 40- What other Co-curricular activities are organized for the students? 

Ans: The ICMS College System always arranges a large number of co-curricular acvies for the students. 

Q 41- Are the any drama and debate societies? 

Ans: The ICMS always tries to groom its students in all walks of life and definitely ensures to arrange bilingual compeons and drama & stage acvies.

Q 42- Are you providing uninterrupted power supply?

Ans: Yes, at all the ICMS campuses uninterrupted power supply is ensured.

Q 43- Is clean and hygienic drinking water available?

Ans: Water chillers are installed with filters and neat glasses and the students are always provided with clean, pure and hygienic water.

Q 44- We always hear about the cleanliness of ICMS. Is it true?

Ans: Yes, cleanliness is half of our faith and ICMS College and School Systems strongly believe in neat and clean environment.

Q 45- Is fumigation arranged in the campuses?

Ans: Every month, the ICMS College System as an integral part of its cleanliness drive fumigates the campus every month.

Q 46- Are the students also motivated about cleanliness?

Ans: Yes, we arrange cleanliness weeks and walks are arranged to movate students.

Q 47- Is there any greenery at the campus?

Ans: At all the campuses green belts with sufficient plants are ensured to maintain ecological balance. 

Q 48- Is there any social work activity in ICMS College?

Ans: ICMS College System and School System are run with the slogan “Educaon with Social Responsibility” And it alw . ays provides ample opportunity for its students for social work.

Q 49- Any social work in which the students participate?

Ans: Blood donaon camp, cleanliness and plantaon drives and traffic slogans and sign board are a few examples.

Q50- What type of furniture is provided? Ans:

The best available furniture in the market is provided to the students. 

Q 51- Why is ICMS spending too much on advertisement?

Ans: ICMS wants to share all the updated informaon with the students, parents and community at large about its achievements and advanced technologies. 

Q 52- What do you do for the ethics of the students?

Ans: ICMS College System arranges a number of programs for social and moral up gradaon of the students like a seminar on“ Sirat Un Nabi”.

Q 53- Any other social or moral activity?

Ans: Yes, religious scholars and social intellectuals are invited at the campus to educate the students. 

Q 54- Is there any proctorial board?

Ans: Yes, Mediators are selected from the classes who coordinate with the teachers.

Q 55- Who controls and supervises the mediators?

Ans: A chief proctor from the teaching staff controls and supervises the mediators. 

Q 56- What do you do with the late comers?

Ans: The late comer who reaches later than 9:00 am are sent back to home and marked absent.

Q 57- What if any emergency makes a student late?

Ans: We know about case to case dealing and emergency should be brought into the noce of the Principal. 

Q 58- Are the classes well ventilated?

Ans: Yes, all the classes are well venlated and air-condioned.

Q 59- What about holidays?

Ans: All gazeed holidays are observed by the ICMS College System.

Q 60- What do you do with the students who are absent?

Ans: Their parents are called immediately and if found absent without genuine reason, they are marked absent and fined Rs 100/- per day.

Q 61- What kind of things are prohibited within College premises?

Ans: Tobacco (Cigaree), Snuff or any intoxicants, mobile phones, camera and other valuables are strictly prohibited and if a student is found with such things, he will straight away be struck off or heavily fined or both. 

Q 62- Does ICMS arrange any parents teacher meetings?

Ans: Yes, the ICMS College System strongly believes in the role of parents for the beerment of students and for the same reason, it arranges parent teacher meeng at the declaraon of result of all internal examinaons.

Q 63- Are parents encouraged to criticize?

Ans: Yes, all posive suggesons and cricism are welcomed.

Q 64- Are the students informed about any changes in policies?

Ans: Yes, of course any change in the syllabus or rules and regulaons are nofied through noce boards in classes and at campuses and through wrien circulars from me to me. 

Q 65- What about scholarships for position holders? Ans:

ICMS College System encourages outstanding students through scholarships and spend.

Q 66- Who can get this stipend and how much?

Ans: Students with 980 and above marks are awarded full scholarships and a monthly spend of Rs 5,000/- (Five thousand).

Q 67- What security measures are ensured at the campus?

Ans: Security is our first priority and we have ensured all the possible measures for security.

Q 68- Are CCTV cameras installed?

Ans:Yes, we have more than 150 latest CCTV cameras installed at various campuses. 

Q 69: How many security guards are there?

Ans: There are 10 well trained security guards at the campus.

Q 70- Are the boundary walls covered with razor wire?

Ans: Yes, all the boundary walls are covered with razor wire.

Q 71- Have you any observation/monitoring room?

Ans: Yes, the security in charge with computer and recording of the CCTV is present in the monitoring room. 

Q 72- Is wireless system available?

Ans: Yes, we have wireless Walkie-Talkie system in ICMS premises. 

Q 73- Are metal detectors present with the guards?

Ans: Yes, sophiscated metal detectors are provided for the security guard.

Q 74- Any drop down barriers?

Ans: Yes, proper barriers, speed breakers and single gate entry are ensured

Q 75- What about politics at the campus?

Ans: ICMS College System believes in freedom of polical educaon. We strongly discourage polics and pares at the campus. 

Q 76- What entertainment is provided at the campus?

Ans: We have a 30min break aer the 3rd or 4th lecture in which the students can enjoy fresh snacks at the tuck shop and can relax.

Q 77- Any other entertainment?

Ans: Yes, during break the students can also get entertained with indoor games like table tennis, carem board, volleyball, etc

Q 78- Is the transport facility available?

Ans: Yes, the limited transport facility is available. 

Q 79- Can we get discount in admission fee?
We already have subsidized the admission fee and have minimum admission fee as compared to other colleges of our standard

Q 80- Can I get admission here?

Ans: Yes, if you have 50% aggregate marks from any board in S.S.C exam.

Q 81- Is corporal punishment allowed?

Ans: No, corporal punishment is not allowed in the ICMS College System.

Q 82- What does ICMS stand for?

Ans: ICMS stands for “Internaonal Community of Modern Sciences”.

Q 83- Which discipline do you offer?

Ans: ICMS College System offers three major disciplines i.e. F.Sc (Pre-Medical) F.Sc (Pre Engineering) and F.Sc (Computer Sciences) 

Q 84- What if I get admission in F.Sc (Pre -Medical)?

Ans: Aer passing the F.Sc (Pre-Medical) you can get admission in medical colleges and in various fields of Biological Sciences

Q 85- What is F.Sc?

Ans: It is the first step in Science and means “faculty of Science” in Pakistan. 

Q 86- Where to F.Sc (Pre - Engineering) can lead me?

Ans: Student can get admission in Engineering University and various fields related to Engineering and Physical Sciences

Q 87- What is the future of F.Sc (Computer Science)?

Ans: From Soware Engineering to Ph.D in Computer Science the road is open. 

Q 88- When will be the first internal Exam?

Ans: Weekly evaluaon will start right from the second week when the college opens. However, the first monthly test will begin on 16-10-2017.

Q 89- When will be the detention Exam?

Ans: The detenon exam will commence in December.

Q 90- Are revision test ensured?

Ans: Yes, revision tests, board papers and mock exams are all part and parcel of the academic session.

Q 91- Do I.D card are issued to the student?

Ans: Yes, all the students are issued I.D card on the first day. 

Q 92- Are the student pay for I.D cards?

Ans: Yes, the students have to pay Rs 500/-for the first card and any subsequent for Rs: 500/-

Q 93- Are the students allowed without uniform?

Ans: No, students are advised to follow uniform code. As they will not be allowed in the class and will be heavily fined. 

Q 94- Are black shoes of any pattern allowed?

Ans: No, it is beer to have black shoes with laces, Oxford paern if possible. Moccasins are not allowed. 

Q 95- Can I have my own hair style?

Ans: For maintaining your body discipline, we expect you to have a proper hair cut and neat and dy hair. 

Q 96- Can my friends visit me?

Ans: No, friends and relaves are strictly prohibited in ICMS College System both at campus and in hostel.

Q 97- Are student’s hours ensured in hostel?

Ans: Compulsory study hours and me table are ensured in the hostel.

Q 98- What about prayers in the hostel?

Ans: The hostel provides ample opportunity for five mes prayers

Q 99 - Any facility in hostel?

Ans: Indoor and outdoor games with a modern gym are also provided to keep the students fresh and healthy.

Q 100- Do you charge the students extra for these facilities? 

Ans: No, the ICMS College System provides all the facilies free of cost to the students.

Q 101- What is the Slogan of ICMS College System?

Ans: “Educaon with Social Responsibility” is the Slogan of ICMS College System. 




About ICMS

ICMS Education System was established in the year of 2005 with an ambition to provide affordable and high quality education with best modern infrastructure facility along with a realization of social responsibility.